1. We try to ensure that all Products are delivered in a prompt and timely manner. However, from time to time, it is possible that shipping and other factors outside of our control may result in delays. Mouneh Extra does not accept any liability for loss or damage suffered by anyone as a result of any such delays.

2. The date of Delivery listed on the Website is the estimated date of Delivery as is reasonably estimated by Mouneh Extra. Where scheduled delivery of a Product is delayed by more than the estimated Delivery date, customers will be notified by e-mail via the e-mail address nominated in their Order.

3. Mouneh Extra will not deliver Products to PO Box addresses.

4. Mouneh Extra reserves the right to not ship to remote or rural locations

5. Mouneh Extra is not responsible for the delivery times of Products. Once Products have been dispatched, it is the Customers’ responsibility to liaise with the courier nominated by Mouneh Extra (as notified to the Customer) in relation to date and time of delivery. Mouneh Extra shall not be liable for any inaccuracy of information provided to customers relating to the date and time of delivery.

6. The couriers or postal services nominated by Mouneh Extra will deliver Products during local business hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

7. Where a Customer gives written authority for Products to be delivered without a signature, any and all included insurance cover will be voided.

8. Mouneh Extra is not liable for any delays caused by Quarantine inspections. In the event Quarantine does not release part or all of you order, Mouneh Extra shall refund you any monies paid at the time you made the order for those non released items.

9. Please note that acceptance of your order implies that we will fulfil your order within the time specified in the Delivery Standards. The following situations are exceptions:

                  If and when incorrect payment details, including credit card details, are supplied;

                  Where correct credit card details are supplied but funds are not approved. 

                  Where fraudulent activity is suspected / identified

                  Where cleared funds through your nominated payment method have not been received 

10. In the event that you supply incorrect payment or delivery details, Mouneh Extra will take all reasonable steps to contact you using the personal details that you have provided.

11. You may cancel your order within 24 hours from the point you have submitted and paid for your order.

12. To cancel your order, contact Mouneh Extra within the 24-hour period advising us of your decision .and after this time (24-hour) the delivery order is considered done and you cannot recover the money you paid.